OH yeha im back

Discussion in 'RC Drifting and Setup' started by tsispyder, Sep 3, 2004.

  1. tsispyder

    tsispyder Guest

    after a long absence...i am back was overseas.....I picked up a traxxis nitro car with a .15 motor upgrade....tis bad assed...clocked it at 60...gonna work on the drifting aspect now.....ill post pics osmetime
  2. Lil_angel

    Lil_angel Guest

    Welcome back.

    Nice, will you be posting pictures of your new car?
  3. tsispyder

    tsispyder Guest

    i wlil as soon as the skyline body comes in and the rims...adn i get my rotors finished....im almost done with em...but im still waiting ont he other stuff
  4. Nick S.

    Nick S. Guest

    Good to see you back. I almost missed you.. But then forgot to miss you the next day. Welcome Back. 8)
  5. tsispyder

    tsispyder Guest

    geee thanks....adn i broke the pull start yesterday..kinda depressed me