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    Aug 4, 2003
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    Hi folks,
    I am interested in O scale modeling.
    I currently model in On3, but have considered switching to Standard gauge.
    I am not interested in Lionel or toy trains. Just scale equipment.
    I would want to model a short line or run small steam power and maybe a few 1st generation diesels.
    where is the best place to see models that are for sale, or view what is currently avaialble?
    I am familiar with the major manufacturers such as Atlas etc. I am more interested in seeing what was produced in brass such as small steam locos etc.
    Also, are that any commercial models of steam era cabooses?
    Keith Stamper
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    Dec 20, 2002
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    Hi Keith,

    There are a lot of 2 rail O scale items out there to be had. For steam, Weaver has brought out a nice 2-8-0 die cast engine. It looks great and is priced at $500.00 IIRC. Try this link:

    For a small brass diesel how does a GE 44tonner or 45 tonner or GE 70tonner grab you? I just picked up a 70 tonner for $299.00 from Rich Yoder.


    For cars, there are several 40's era cars and earlier to choose from. InterMountain and Red Caboose both had kits of box cars, flat cars, hoppers, tank cars and a gondola. Weaver has some early cars as does Atlas. For a caboose, K-Line has a wooden Santa Fe style caboose that looks great. While it is a 3 rail car, it is full O and it is a matter of changing the tin-plate trucks and wheels over to scale. Add some Kadee O scale couplers and you have a great looking caboose. There are some wooden caboose kits that make up into nice caboose also.

    If you don't mind non brass engines, a friend of mine is finishing up a B&M 2-6-0 in urethane. It has metal wheels but a urethane body and tender. The picture of it, before it was painted looked pretty good. If you are interested, I could post a shot of it.

    Hope this helps.
    Greg Elems
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    Dec 22, 2000
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    Third Rail Division

    Sunset's Third Rail Division has 'O' fabricated brass steamers of large proportions (yellowstones, 4-10-2s, challengers, etc.) for about half the price of others.
    MTH , Williams, et al -produce a number of scale steamers that with added detail and weathering will look like a million bucks.
    If you want something that looks like Gary Koh made it -you are going to have to buy from Dingler .MetaKit , Koh , or figure out how to do it yourself .
    So what , if you are running a model railroad , you are not going to see the valve gear links shift , or observe all the exquisite detail on the loco as it runs over the pike.
    I would assume that you are familiar with the model press , and know the big box book stores carry 'O' scale mags , and Wakthers makes a large scale catalog that covers some portion of what is available. The NMRA's website has lists of manufacturers . Use GOOGLE and look for rmakers of: 'O' scale ; Proto 48 scale ; 'O' Finescale ; 1:48 scale ; 7 MM scale ; 1:50 scale; You can also add society, or association , after these words to turn up lists practitioners . makers, and sellers of the scale around the world.