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    Mar 28, 2002
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    I have been locating New York Central related web sites.

    A number of these sites had other links, but if you use these
    links, you will find the others and I felt no need to list them.
    If you have others or your own to be included, let me know.
    So far, these are the ones that I intend to include on my RRs
    of Madison County.

    Wes Barris'

    George Elwood's Fallen Flags RR Photos (being relocated)

    Jeff Feldmeier's Beech Grove RR - Peale PA

    Jim Fitzgerald's Revised Railfan Page
    Vollrath New York Central photos:
    (Best viewed with IE5.x or above)

    Chris Granger's NYC Ottawa Division site:

    Terry Link's Canada Southern site:

    MS Train Simulator NYC Empire State Express and other NYC
    locomotives for MS Train Simulator:

    New York Central Internet Resources

    New York Central Railroad Museum, Elkhart, IN.

    NYC System Historical Society

    Mark Plank's
    Ohio Central Lines
    Toledo & Ohio Central, Kanawha & Michigan, Zanesville &
    Western, Kanawha & West Virginia, Bailey Run, Sugar Creek
    & Athens and Middleport & Northeastern

    Noel Widdifield's NYC Hudsons page
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    Jun 18, 2002
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    Thanks for posting the NYC sites! I always appreciate finding more places to look for NYC and Penn Central info. Maybe I'll find something about the West Shore Line (PC's River Division). Info on that particular line seems scarce. Anyway, thanks again for your work and time.