NSX Exhaust mod

Discussion in 'RC General & Getting Started' started by magnat, Nov 27, 2005.

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    Just Modded the Rear of my Raybrig NSX ( my Bash Shell) I was sick of the Fake looking Exhaust Decal and made my Own exhaust by using Plastic Split Plugs to give it that Fluted Exhaust look.
    (Split Plugs are those Plastic Things you use to stop the Screw comming out of the wall)
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    How did you mount them? Could we get a underbody shot? Another idea could be thin copper tubeing, painted black, that way you can bend and shape it (with a copper pipe bending tool, $10 at a hobby town) to where it gives that illusion as if its accually runding underneeth the chassis, but accually stops once it hits the chassis.
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    1) I cut Out the Existing back Piece of the shell where the Old Exhaust Decal was as the Shell would split if I drilled any holes into it so the Area around the Decal was cut out from the Shell

    2) I made a Exhaust mounting Bracket for the ew Exhaust from 5 mm MDF measured so it would cover the existing Hole left from removing the Old Exhaust area, Covered it with Black Electrical Tape to give it that Black Sprayed Plastic look

    3) Measured and Drilled the Holes for the New Split Plugs and Insereted them Straight and Tight

    4) Pop Rivetted the new piece into place.

    5) Got a Silver paint pen and Colored the Ends of the Split Plug Silver so they looked like Two Flared Chrome Exhaust Tips..

    My Camera wont Take Detailed Pics.. its only a 2Mp Camera...