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    if I were to start with no knowledge of 3-d cad mesh type drawing, something that would make drawing advanced paper models easy, and unfold them, to share for free as a paper model, what is the general consensus on which program is the best, easiest, and of course, free.
    I have tried google sketch up, have to buy for it to close the finished model and unfold it, inkscape and gimp mess up my windows 7 and I have to uninstall. I really cant afford anything for a while, so pepakura and coral draw are out too. and I just don't know of this stuff. right now I use ms paint and for the effects.
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    I know I gave you some suggestions in that P.M., but I should add that I have seen many people make fantastic models in Paint. Also, you can download Rhino 5.0 for FREE but it only saves 30 times and the save the clipboard option becomes disavled, though there are workarounds. The program is still functional though and you can learn it while you scrape up the dough for it. Money is tight every where. Since I have a son in school, I was able to get it for $200 dollars. Same as the commercial version, just says student license. You save $800 bucks though.

    Rhino3D is used in many modern motion pictures and by many companies for product development. I would give the free version a try. If you get it, let me know and I will help you get started. It's very intuitive and fun to use. Not easy though. I do know of someone who uses this program to make models but has developed so many bad habits, his models pay the price, like anything else, what you put into it is reflected by what it puts out. :)