November Model RR Month follow up

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    Dec 29, 2000
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    Some time back, I posted a message about National Model
    Railroad Month and some ideas about what could be done for
    it. This is my follow up on what we (Central Indiana
    Division, MWR, NMRA) have been able to do so far.

    As a division, we held our `Free' National Model RR Month
    meet in conjunction with a Lion's Club Pancake Breakfast. We
    didn't count heads, but quite a number of folks looked over
    the layouts that we brought in from Z, N, HO and O (no G,
    sorry). We held three clinics. One was our new CID KIT (Kids
    In Trains) clinic where we matched one of our members with a
    young modeler and assisted them in building a car kit. We
    had thirteen kids that took part in this over a period of
    three hours. We purchased the cars and tools used in this
    clinic at cost or less from one manufacturer and from
    local dealers.

    The second clinic was aimed at raw beginners explaining
    scale and gauge and giving background on the hobby. The
    third was a scenery clinic that was also well attended.
    We also gave away a number of back issues of magazines
    (MR, RMC, MRg, etc.) that a local dealer donated in addition
    to NMRA Bulletins and NMRA materials.

    The radio station at Butler University in Indianapolis gave
    us a lot of free air-time helping us to promote this meet.
    Alas, most of the other print and air media did not respond
    to our PR requests.

    One of the local newspapers in Anderson Indiana did respond
    to the month promotion with a nice spread with photos on two
    local model railroads in the Sunday `Hometown' section. They
    also ran a sidebar promoting the hobby with a nice mention
    of the NMRA and a local club in the library.

    Promotion of the hobby still CAN be done, but it does take
    an effort on the part of a number of people to get it done.
    I began working on the local paper nearly three months
    before the articles were run.

    For those who may be interested, photos have been uploaded
    to the CID web site at:
    Simply take the Photo Album link for 2001-2002.

    Roger Hensley
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    Nov 8, 2001
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    Your divison seems to be alive and well! Here in Ohio,I have gone to many trainshows and not even seen 1 NMRA booth. So, a tip of the hat to all that took part in this meet. Job well done!:)
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    Dec 29, 2000
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    Thank you. We try. All of us on the CID Board love the hobby and want to share it with anyone who might be interested. That's the only way to see it grow. :)

    Roger Hensley