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    Why are we worried if a shop owner doesn't know a Gundam (or whatever they're called) from a gumdrop? Who gives a hoot? As long as A) you know what you're looking for, B) the shop owner carries it, and C) the shop owner carries it at a price you can afford, I wouldn't care if he looks at a B-17 and calls it a Sopwith Camel. As long as I know what I want and know where I can get it, the only real knowledge I require the shopkeeper to have is how to work the cash register when I give him the money.

    As hard as it may be to understand, the shop owner probably doesn't feel he has to develop a strong working knowledge of make-believe Japanese robots (or whatever they are) because he probably doesn't sell that many of them, nor does he expect to depend upon them for a big part of his business anytime soon. It's still a small sub-genre of something that is a pretty small genre to begin with -- and all of that is still considered out of the "mainstream" of modeling, i.e., the WWII fighters and tanks and jets and ships and cars that 95 percent of those who spend money on the hobby buy and build.

    Believe me, I'm not the smartest guy on the planet, but if I wanted to point out to a shop owner, a contest judge or a fellow contest entrant something wrong or inaccurate about a model in my particular area of interest (real space) I could probably do it and do it pretty easily. You'll always find someone smarter than you are. The trick is to figure out the ones you can learn from. I don't know how many times I've heard a contest judge or others discuss the "real" color of the foam covering on a space shuttle external tank, even though I'm fairly certain none of them have ever actually seen one in person. (I have.) But they debate the issue anyway, and they're often oblivious to the fact that several factors affect the ET's color, and unless you're painting it something like hot pink, there's no "right" color.

    So don't worry about what your local shopkeeper knows or doesn't know about your genre. Just be happy he carries it.