Norfolk Southern high nose U23B

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    Jun 22, 2002
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    well.....i am pretty close to finished. all that is left is the horn, window glass, weathering, and numbers in the numberboards. i got my horns in and found out that they were the wrong now i have to wait for another box from walthers with the right ones (i hope) [:D]. this started out as an Atlas U23B. i added the high tech details cab kit and high nose kit. for those of you that want a high nose GE i would highly recommend these. they go together very easily and all you have to do to the atlas model is cut off the nose. no other hard work is required.

    since i wont be home to finish it for a while i might as well get some pictures up now. tell me what you think!

    Norfolk Southern U23B 3955

    behind 3955 is the high nose SD40-2 that i did a while back.

    dont you hate it when another railfan jumps in your way when you are trying to get a picture?