NooBee Drifter asking for help!!

Discussion in 'RC Drifting and Setup' started by D6yokomo, Feb 26, 2005.

  1. D6yokomo

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    Ok so i just orderd my first drift car and am looking for help with my setup.
    The car is a Yokomo Drift Package D1 HKS

    I have the Radio, reciever, and esc picked out but am having a hard time deciding on a Motor, I was thinking of using something like a 19T but i have read on this site that a lot of people use the p2k2 pro which is only 27 turn.

    What is a good motor to use??
    What should i look for in a motor?
    What is a good torque number to look for?

    Any help on this Motor question would be great
    Also please feel free to post any other issues i should look for with this car.
    Thank You, C
  2. SpArKeY_STi

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    Motors are all up to you. Are you looking for high speed intense "Race" drifting, or slower "Drift Ballet"? For "Race" Drifting you want something with High RPMs, along with mostly torque. For "Drift Ballets" you want REALLY high torque, low RPM motors. Eather way tho, the higher the torque, the better. If all you want to do with this is drift then go with a p2k2 or good 19t. I wouldnt go much lower then that because its just a big waist.

    Now theres always the option of a brushless... insane speed, and HUGE torque. But also comes with a HUGE price tag :wink:

    as for other problems, shocks iv heard can be problem matic. Replace with TC3 alum shocks is best bet. It may cost a bit much, but it could be worth it in the end.
  3. D6yokomo

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    Thanks Sparkey

    Thanks for the advice. I think i might just go with the brushless system. I know i will end up using it in another car or truck sooner or later. I guess it will be an investment into the hobby also the low maintinence will help pay for itself.
    Thanks again. C
  4. 69stang

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    i have all brushless systems hv-maxx & ss 5800 i love them both. besides no real tuning or hasle. it has incredible speed and power. but still the prices are high they run around $300 but it is well worth it.
  5. VDubbin

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    Mtroniks have released a brushless combo (ESC an MOTOR) for £100 (about $200) it's called the Genesis Sport, I've seen it for sale in (and no, I'm not affilitaed with them in any way shape of form ... :) )
  6. D6yokomo

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    Thanks for the help eveyone. I guess brushless is the way to go.