NOOB to the world of RC and RC drifting....Some questions

Discussion in 'RC Drifting and Setup' started by patdzon, Dec 31, 2005.

  1. patdzon

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    I wasn't into R/Cs before, but when I saw one actually drifting, I knew I had to get one.

    I'm just starting so I don't want to get something that's expensive. What cheaper models should I look out for? Just sufficient enough to drift. Nothing too fancy. And what parts do I need to start the drifting? I only want electric, by the way. Also, can anyone direct me to an online shop that sells drifting R/Cs?

    BIG thanks for the help.

  2. Darkshadow

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    whare to go

    Try this place.

    Yokomo in my "opinion" has the sweetest bodies to choose from, for drifting.
    They also have some 4wd ready to run kit's that are designed for drifting, and come with some of those sweet bodies and drift tire's.
    All you would need after the kit, are some batteries and a battery charger for the car, and 8 AA batteries for the remote.

    I've used a Team Assosiated TC3, and I'm currently using a HPI pro-4. Both of wich are great cars for drifting.

    But for starters, I think the Yokomo kit's would be a great place to start for an R/C noob. :wink:

    And did I mention the bodies are SWWWEEEEEEEEETT!!!!!! :D
  3. SpArKeY_STi

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    also Tamiya are cheap and still good starters
  4. Darkshadow

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    True, true.

    Tamiya also has a very good selection of bodies to choose from too. Along with their selection of ready to run kit's.
    Tamiya has the largest selection of bodies that I've ever seen, if they don't have it you don't want it.
    Yokomo has the same quality, but Tamiya also has the quanity.
  5. patdzon

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    Tamiya TT01 seems to be a popular pick...WHat other Tamiya models would you recommend???
  6. sabo_308

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    Yeah the TT-01 is a great chassis.
    Also, if you want to get drifting right away, you can opt for the lower end TL-01, which is also a good chassis and are a fair bit cheaper.