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    Well! Ello everyone, today I'm giving a go at Nobi's fantastic Cromwell tank. I've tried building it a few weeks ago, but either was too lazy or too busy. So I'm trying it again also because, I'm going to order a few kits for my birthday. I want to get used to armor building, because next week I plan to order the Challenger, Bradley M2, Halinski F-14 Tomcat, Corsair, USS Indianpolis, and a few others from the Paper Model Store. What I'm really testing my skills for is the Halinski Sherman VC Firefly, I really want to buy that kit, but I'll probably have to wait a few months after it comes out. :thumb:

    I really can't express how awesome this kit is. Nobi, you did a great job of designing the Cromwell, and I simply love absolutely everything you did to it. Thank you for this amazing Cromwell kit, and hope to see more awesome armor designs from you soon.

    So I first printed out two copies of the kit, one for detailing, the other for the actual shape. I also had six copies of it already printed and in storage for about five months, so I decided to use it. I cut out the nuts and bolts for the turret, and laminated them to 1mm cardboard. Since I don't have a special punching tool, I had to individually cut them out. [It was a pain :cry:] And I'll go to the hobby store to get a small punch set to get in the bolts.

    While I was waiting to get my punch set [Which I'm still looking for] I started on the side skirts? Fenders? I'm not really sure what to call them.
    I built the shape of it, and painted it in an olive drab color scheme. I would have gone with the same color as the kit, but I saw a pleasing representation of the Cromwell in a darkish green color, and it seemed like olive drab. Then I laminated some other pieces from the Fenders and stuck them onto the main piece. After looking at some pictures, I think I shouldn't have done that. I believe they were supposed to be recessed instead of extruding them. :rolleyes: Alas, I'll just stick with it, I think it looks alright for now. :thumb:

    More progress tomorrow, I'll be jumping from the Cromwell and the RX-78, but I'll manage to fit it in. [Can't wait for those kits :mrgreen:]

    *Note: I know, I'm not pro with paints, but I plan to do some weathering after I get this finished. Also, excuse me for the horrible pictures, I'm not any good with the camera. :oops:

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    Very nice. I have the kit and plan to build it too ... someday. :)
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    Jun 23, 2008
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    I have bought a couple of Nobi's kits off ecard, but when I go to his site, there's a couple of categories that will never open up. I tried contacting him, but it boomerangs back to me undelivered. Is his site down?
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    Thanks BARX2, I hope to get another fender finished today :mrgreen:
    BCA, I personally haven't ordered anything yet, and on April 17 or 21 I hope to get in my orders :mrgreen:

    $70 total, definitely the Challenger 2, Bishop, Scorpion, Bradley, Halinski Tomcat [I think it's the 2001 version], and the Crusader. I might try to jut in a battlecruiser, maybe the Mississippi or Indianapolis, just for kicks. :thumb: Now I just have to hold out for two weeks :cry:

    I'll have an update soon, I think I'll work on those side boxes on the fenders. :thumb:
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    Jul 20, 2004
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    This is good work!

    Do not be afraid of painting!

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    Thanks for the compliment Jim! :thumb:

    Alright, back from working for 5 hours at this model. I had a haircut and had some pauses, so that's why it took so long :mrgreen:

    First I used one of my copies to laminate the narrow strips of paper on the Fender box thing. [I'll have to look at the Cromwell specs later, forgive my ignorance] I used 67lb cardstock for the lamination. Then I took two .7 led rods, and used them for the front side of the box. I did a quick design lock design for the boxes, and printed them out. [It was a pain to build those locks :cry:] I glued them on and went outside.

    For the paint job, I followed what I did earlier with the fender. I took my white primer, and sprayed the boxes. [I don't have a picture for that] Then I used olive drab to coat it, and added some debris near the rods [sand bits] to make the weathering. Once I get the star decal on the boxes, I'll glue them onto the fender and add some gun metal and rust.

    I still have yet to complete the decal for the star. I did an experiment earlier, and I failed to get a star to my liking. It turned out to be a blob :cry: So, I'll use another copy of the boxes and remove the star piece for my decal. I should have another update later this afternoon.

    As for the pictures, there are two different photos of the finished painted boxes, outside and inside photography. I really think the indoor shot of the box really brings out the dirt, but the outdoor photo of the entire piece looked great as well. :rolleyes:

    Be back in a few hours!

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    Meant to mention this earlier - but football got in the way (real footy - Aussie rules)....Go Lions....

    The "bolts" on the turret of the Cromwell aren't simple hex shapes but are conical. The Cromwell was uparmoured early in development - hex bolt heads would have been dangerous since incoming rounds could tear off the bolt head and propel the bolt shaft into the tank. Similar things happened with riveted tanks. The conical bolt head was supposed to deflect rounds so this didn't happen.


  8. Soaring

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    Charlie: Thanks for the note, I'll add some conical pieces onto the hex shapes once I get to the turret. I'm still not sure how I'm gonna mold 31 conical pieces :cry: I guess I'll just use some putty for it. Or I'll design some real quick, but I'm still not sure yet.

    I sprayed the star on, [It took way longer than I expected.] I might redo it, but I think it looks alright for the moment. I haven't glued on the boxes to the fender yet, because I need a perfect fit onto the body of the Cromwell. So tonight I'll build the basic shape of the body, and fit the fender on. More updates tomorrow :thumb:

    In fact, I might spray another coat onto the furthest box, since it seems to me it has a lighter shade of Olive drab compared to the rest of the model so far.

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    Sorry about the wait guys, yesterday was Easter over here, and I had some occasions to attend to :mrgreen: But now I'm back on the Cromwell

    So I worked onto the second fender, I laminated the strips with 1mm cardboard, and glued them on. Later today I plan to paint the fender piece, and get the box done as well.

    The pictures show the difference in hues against the printed Cromwell and the painted olive drab varient. I personally like the olive drab, but...

    More updates to come later today! :thumb:

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  10. jagolden

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    Coming along real nice.
    Yes, much color difference between the painted and the printed. Painted more realistic.

    Sounds like this is a springboard for more complicated models you're going to purchase. If it is, it does help. After building Nobi's Russain KVII, I had much more confidence and patience to return to building the GPM Panzer III in 1:16.
    That rack of models you're planning to order from Paper Model Store will keep you busy for quite a long time.

    As to the conical "bolts", you might want to trim them out of a small dowel.

    BARX2, I have his Cromwell and want to build it, too. Also have his PUMA and will build that before the Cromwell.

    BCA, Yeah, seems his site moves around and not all of it always works. Too bad because it gets confusing for people.
  11. Soaring

    Soaring Guest

    Jagolden: Yeah, this is a springboard for the models I'll be ordering. [It's confirmed, I'm gonna order them this Friday, I feel so great!] If you guys had any problems with the packaging, I'd like to know, because I don't want a huge crease in the middle of all my kits. I know, not everything is perfect, but I want to approach this without having to re-order. I'll check my hobby store to see if they have any dowels.

    Well, it's 6 PM here, and I don't think I'll be able to get the painting done on the second fender. I'll just finish up the box and wait till tomorrow.
  12. jagolden

    jagolden Guest

    You can also try Home Depot or Lowes for the dowels.
    They have some pretty small diameters available.
  13. Soaring

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    Alright, I finished painting the left fender. Sorry for the bad pictures, I painted the fender 2 hours ago, and took pictures about 15 minutes ago. By then, the wind was howling, and the sunlight flashed by. So I'll wait till tomorrow to get a better picture of the color variation.

    I must say, my second fender, looks more smoother than my first one. That is an extremely huge problem for me. The color levels in the olive drab is more lighter in the left fender. So tomorrow, I'll need to spray in another coat, however, I need to get the same darkness in both fenders, or it'll the left fender will stick out like a sore thumb.

    I'll begin working on the body of the tank, should have it done in two days.

    Note: I've been browsing Kartonbau and some other European paper model Forums [Gosh they're amazing] I'm still checking, but if the Cromwell has any rivets on its armor, I've picked up a technique for it. If not, then I'm sure the other tank kits have them, and I'll certainly try it out.

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    Sorry guys, no updates this time.

    The reason is because I'm taking two weeks off from the Paper modeling because I have a gigantic test coming up. I'll be spending most of the time studying and preparing for the test. I'm also waiting for my kits to come in from the Paper Model Store. Have any of you guys orders at Paper Model Store through check? My mom sent it on the 18th, Pacific -8:00 [ Around 8 AM]. About how many days does it take the check to clear? Otherwise, I have nothing but great hopes for the kits to come. Kyrs seems like a nice guy :)

    I'll be back soon, hopefully with a completed Cromwell body and turret, along with some kits.
  15. jagolden

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    (Sigh) we'll wait patiently for more updates.

    The fenders look good. Uneven paint, smoother vs. the other less smooth? In the field things were never quite symetrical and the equipment looked very used and patched. I wouldn't worry too much about the texture match unless it's glaring.
  16. Soaring

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    Well, the Paper Model Store labels my order delievered. I didn't see it on the front mat, and I fear it's in the postal box on our street. I fear the kits may be bent :( I'll confirm my suspicions tomorrow, see ya guys.
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    you should receive some type of delivery or shipping email prior to the order actually arriving. Mine showed as delivered as well in their shipping system on their website, but then I received a email confirmation a day or two later. Don't panic if its not in the box in the am....
  18. Soaring

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    Thanks Gman, I was gonna freak out! Cool, I don't think the UPS delievers on weekends, so I'll wait till next week.
  19. Soaring

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    Thank you Paper Model Store!

    My gosh I am so happy! My kits arrived today, around 3 PM! However, I was at the hobby shop, so my brother opened my kits when I wasn't present. :cry:
    [Never got to experience opening them packages]

    Thanks to the Paper Model Store, Krys! I love my new kits, especially the Challenger. It is one humongous kit! However, the USS Indianapolis is out of stock, temporarily, so I'll just have to wait till it's sent in 3 weeks. No problem here, I have alot on my hands :thumb:

    I'll have a video up on the kits shortly, and I'll get started on them after the Cromwell.

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  20. Romanator

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    Great build so far Soaring!

    Don't worry if you can't update us every day. School, family, and other things in daily life are more important. It's a hobby, not a way of life after all! :mrgreen:

    BTW, it looks like you made the fender ( I don't know what to call them either :rolleyes:) pieces correctly with the raised areas. This is from a plastic mode. (not mine)

    As for the bolts, another method may be to make small cones, glue to a thick cardboard hexagon, and remove excess paper where they meet.


    Good luck on your project(s) !