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    Guys,The NMRA is like any other organization..You get out of it what ever YOU want to..If you attend the local meets,the regional meets and the convention then of course you are getting more out of the NMRA then just the Bulletin..

    Now I may not always agree with the NMRA and I have problems with the DCCWG (due to the members representing that group.That is a whole different matter and has no bearing on this topic) I feel the NMRA has and still does some good..On the down side I believe the NMRA has become a "Good old boys club" in many ways then one..Some time ago I went with a friend to a local NMRA meet and nobody but nobody challenge us to see if we where members(my friend was-I was not) as most was to busy in their own little groups to notice us.But I will be fair..I am widely known in this area and perhaps they wrongly assumed I was a member and therefore did not bother to challenge us to see if we where indeed members or not as I once was a very active NMRA member at one time and perhaps some of the older heads remembered those days..Now I was going to attend the NMRA Convention(or perhaps what was left of it after the SARS scare) in Toronto last summer but was involved in a car wreck on the way.:(

    For those that are members I say this..Take time to become a active member and attend your local and regional meets.For those that are not,give it a try and be sure to be a active member..You just may be surprise and enjoy yourself.:D