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  1. hiya, id like to introduce my self, my names Dan im from leicestershire in england!

    ok, i have a kyosho nitro pureten rally car, but i have also bought a truck to mess about with, my project is to turn the pureten into a drift car

    i want to knwo exactly what i need IE what sorta suspension, tyres, engine......i want to know everything

    i have never tried to drift before but i saw a vid on the internet ages ago and it inspired me, i thought it would be alot better to learn something than just go round in circles

    heres the vid by the way drifting

    anyways thanks in advance for ur time guys
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    Nitro.. Damn, they are a hell of a lot Harder to drift and you will find out you will be burning Clutches and Over heating the Motor due to lack of Air flow and Throttle Applications..

    It can be done...

    You need to get a Set of Yokomo Drift Tyres and a Large Concrete or Smooth Tarmac Area to drift on and you will be set..

    For Drift it is recommended that an Electric Shaft Driven chassis be used but we will have to try and work with what we have..
    At least from what I can tell yours is a Shaft Driven Nitro so Pebbles wont be a problem.

    I have Heard of people using PVC Tyres on a Nitro but more often then not it ended in tears..
  3. SpArKeY_STi

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    Honestly, with nitro, you dont need anything. Just a large open, perferably smooth surface.

    But there are things that can help ya out and make it easier.

    Tires - Hard compound. I dont recomend any driff specific tires. The HPI Stage D's are alright, however those are set up for a truely balanced nitro car. So it may not work in some ways for your car. Just buy the hardest compound tires you can find.

    Clutch - A lot of the times during nitro drifting, the clutch doesnt ever disengauge. Your on and off the thorttle alot, but you still keep it wraped up to keep the tires spinning. However its still real hard on your clutch. I recomend a aluminum clutch for faster catching times, as well as lessen the wear and will be much better for staying locked rather then fluxing.

    Air Flow - Even tho its not needed, i HIGHLY suggest doing this. It will make your life easyer. Get a high flow, non restricting airfilter and elbow. Restrictive airflow will kill your engine, litterally. It will cause bog and stall out easyer. As well as it can over heat, blow pistons, break rods, fry sleeves, and cause all sorts of problems im sure you can deal without.

    Suspension - Stiffen the rear. Play with differnt tensions and such.
  4. awsome guys thank you very much for your help, ill give both of ur ideas a go and see what i can come up with

    i have heard that drifting with a nitro car is alot harder than an electric but i suspose if i start with a nitro then i wont know any different!!

    TBH i have a pretty good, powerful engine, i have the OS bluetop .16 engine and its pretty powerful, especially for a car, it came out of one of my old trucks!!

    yes it is a shaft driven 4WD, its never given me any trouble, chewed up one spur gear, so used that as an excuse to buy myself a steel one and hasnt ggone since
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    That could be the problem though, Starting to drift with a Nitro may end up with you getting frustrated..

    Give it a go and see..

    The other reason why Electric is recemmended is that some tracks wont allow Nitro to be used, I know several places that wont allow Nitro as they are indorr circuits..
    Also , due to noise Pollution laws, Late Night Drift Sessions will only land you in trouble with the Neighbours so having Late Night Drift meets are elliminated with a Nitro...

    Best of Luck with it..
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    Meaning no disrespect, but your profile says you life in aus. Your most likely gona have differces in tracks and laws and such. Here in colorado, we have 2 local tracks, and 5 tracks within about a 45min drive, and a good 20 tracks within an 2 hour drive. And if you live in Cali, aint no problem finding a track. Plus indoor season is done with, almost. Few more races going on, but most of the racing is done for awhile, and its outdoor time. Plus, many places now just added large vents and fans so they allow indoor nitros.

    And with noise pollution, its not that big of a deal. I have a T-Maxx i run at 2 in the morning in snow and such, wrapping the engine up. Im yet to get in trouble. IM on good terms with my neighbors, and my engine is under the DB level, so im good. It all just depends on area, and if neighbors hate you or not.

    So i would just talk to your neighbors, dont piss them off, and have common curtisy. Dont go to late on school nights, dont destroy others property, ect and you'll be fine.
  7. lol, i dont have any tracks any where near me in england, its not the biggest thing here, plan is i live accross the road from a primary school and have asked the head teacher if i could use the concrete playground with my car and friends will join me aswell, just gotta find something that we could use to make tracks out of!

    definatly gonna give it ago with nitro, if not ill probably buy an electric and see how that goes
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    Go Free Style Drift..
    No need to Set up a Course Just follow the lines of Either a Tennis or Basket Ball Court..

    If You want to set up a Course use Margerine or Butter Containers, Ice Cream Tubs or Plastic take away containers and go for it..

    My Area has No Tracks or Hardly any RC drift interest at all, its a retirement area, so nothing but the Elderly.
    Heck its a 49 Mile drive for rcparts ! (Roughly 80Kilometres)

    I Have a Small circle of friends who are interested in rc drift and so we will be making a Debut Drift Vid Very soon.. I believe it will be ready on the 1/2/06..
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    Freestyle drifting is a good way to learn your car, and how it reacts to basic controls. However, to learn your car, tuneing it and how to properly control, i'd say go get some lil cones ( i think i paied like $5 for 24 2'' tall cones ) and just set up a basic track. That way its interesting and is more fierce rather then just playing around with no restraints. Plus then you can learn to tandom with your friends ^_^
  10. yer good ideas guys will have to try them both out, just need to set my car up preoperly and then i will be sorted

    ill let u know how i get on

    if u have any more tips please dont hold em back lol :D
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    Wow... one tip has been over looked quite a bit that i just thought of. Reguardless of who/what/when/where/ect...

    HAVE FUN!!!

    ya know what im sayin?