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    I am new to nitro RC cars so please forgive me if I ask something stupid/obvious.

    I recently bought a HSP 1:10 scale on-road two speed nitro RC car (item no: 94102) and I have the following problem: after I start the engine, the car immediately starts to go forward, despite the fact that the throttle trigger on the remote is at the neutral position. If I want to stop the car, I have to push the throttle trigger forward to brake. As far as I know, if the throttle trigger is at neutral position, the car should shouldn't move, right? I tried to adjust the throttle/break trim to the minimum (most right position) but it didn't work. Should I try to adjust the "idle adjusting screw" on the engine that adjust the air/fuel mixture at idle position so that the mixture should contain more air and less fuel (unscrew it counter-clockwise)? Or is there something else I should do?

    Thank you very much for your help!

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    Jun 30, 2010
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    Old question, but no answers. I hope you could get it to work.
    The carb on the engine have a screw that position the max "closed travel" for the piston on it. So, the idle position can be set. That's when the engine have enoght giro to keep the glow lighted, but won't engage the cluntch.
    So, you have to find that position.
    don't use the needles that adjust fuel mixture for that. And be careful with the mixture, if you go too far and put less fuel you will get the engine hot, to a point it will be damaged over time.