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    Jun 17, 2010
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    I'm new here and I guess this is my Introduction.
    In the 'mundane' world I am a paleontologist living in Arizona.

    After a long career demonstrating that I have no ability at any form of modeling, I discovered that I am good at paper modeling - go figure.
    I make them to wargame for model railroads, and just because.
    My favorite pastime is to shrink models down to the limits of possibility, then build them. Why do I like this? Don't know, guess it's because I can get away with it - not card models anymore often typing paper.

    I've yet to make a whole model by myself. I find it fascinating how many go from computer designs to card models but don't know how. I am pretty good with photoshop though and often customize, going as far as changing one class of ship (for instance) to another similar class