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  1. ok. as all of you know, hpi has the stage d tires. well yokomo has done it again! they added more things to the yokomo drift series


    see the for more details
  2. SpArKeY_STi

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    Not to burst your bubble... but the only true "new" things there are the diffrent Color wheels, and Stage two thing... The rest is just your average everyday hop ups with a new sticker that says "Drift" on it. Seriously tho, the Yok dirft car is one of their other kits with new tires and says "Drift" on it. :roll: :lol: But good findings! I wished i had some money for some of those rims...
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    Common sparky let him have some glory :)
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    i9 have those advan gen 2 wheels in yellow on the way. And also i just got me ae86 body in....workin on very satistied with the body from yokomo...bad assed
  5. SpArKeY_STi

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    hehe... i ment it not to be mean, just Informing. :lol:

    But what would be cool, is for someone to find out what those "Stage 2" things are! It just makes me itch thinking of what it could be!