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Discussion in 'RC Drifting and Setup' started by Vash1275, Nov 9, 2005.

  1. Vash1275

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    hey im new to this,
    i have a 1:10 (maybe 1:12) (17 inches long) scale viper r/c and i was wanting to know what tips you guys could give me to make it a good drifter.

    i will change out the body later.
  2. Asinine

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    I'm kinda in the same boat, and my next step is getting some zero traction wheels so that i can drift.

    after that i assume it's practice makes perfect and some upgrades and modifications as necessary and skill improves
  3. Vash1275

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    wow, i just tested it out for the first time and i the front tires keep spazing out like no tomorrow. i found i can over drive it so it wont bother the steering too much but its annyoying and wears down battery life.

    any ideas as to WTF thats about?

    and im running slicks on it, should i get new tires?
  4. Vash1275

    Vash1275 Guest

    well, after more test driving i found:

    the wheels stop spazing out once you floor it about 3 times (no idea what that is about).

    the suspension feels tight to the touch but the body roll is apparent.

    the rear tires have no grip off launch but have too much grip around turns, it seems to slip out just a little and holds its self right on the edge of spinning with out any need for counter steer.

    if i turn the wheels in and slam reverse and then get back on the gas i can make it slip out but it has too much traction to slide or spin around. it only does 180's and then grips the road again.

    my guess is new tires and stonger springs all around to start off with. does that sound good to you guys?

    (why is it so hard to do this in r/c cars but i can drift "like a pro" in my real cars?)
  5. SpArKeY_STi

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    Spazzuming, Im assuming your running a AM Radio. What that means basicly is a LOT of interfearnce can toy with your car. Microwave, radio, tv, most anything if it hits the right frequency. Or could be as simple as just some noise in thee servo or transmitter. Try driving it in a large open area with not much houseing around, if it still does it, probably noise.

    Slicks work, but theres better. If you really want rubbers, just go with the HPI Stage D's, or get some ABS (zero traction) Tyres.

    The suspension roll is great. The reason it feels tight is because your not putting the forces it will reallyendure on it, insted your just making it move. Try and compress a real car shock, those are HELLA stiff, but still absorb bumps good. You want the front to roll a little, and the rear to 'jump' as you get more traction that way. (Well... less...) and the front will not mess up a drift due to a rock that makes it jump.

    Most cars when you do that, thats all is going to happen. Thats not something wrong with it.

    R/C cars really arnt complicated, its just lack of knoledge. Not in any way calling you guys dumb, its just you just started in this, and dont know much about it, where as you drive a real car most every day, and research that a bit more then a RC Car. I've been in it for 14 years now, and only have problems at a track... dont know why, but i can make a car run sick for days, get it on a track, just stops working. It will take a while to learn your car and such... IE it is 1:10th, i can telll just because 1:12's wouldnt drift for crap. They are RWD, and are WAY to fast for themt o do anything but race, and are quite expensive. Oh, and they are only about the size of your hand, just a bit bigger.
  6. Vash1275

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    im pissed :evil:
    i went to a hobby shop around here and the guy was a dick!
    since i didnt buy the car from him he wont help me!
    he wont even let me buy anything from his store.

    eh, there is bound to be another store somewhere around here.

    will a 180sx or a sileighty body will fit on my car?

    ---- forgot to add----
    thanks for the ideas, i think it is just radio interfearance because it wont do it in some locations.
  7. Vash1275

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    i have completed the drift :D

    i went to another hobby shop and even tho it said online they have the HPI D tires they were out.
    so i took some electrical tape and covered the tires i have. i dont know how long they will last till i need to get real drift tires but it works.
  8. SpArKeY_STi

    SpArKeY_STi Guest

    Hobby town is where you went im guessing? Lol... ya, i have problems with them alot to. Argued with a guy for 20 min on what CVD's i need to get, and so he ordered the wrong ones for me, i've since not gone there...

    Electrical tape on 1:10th's dont last long, but get the job done
  9. Vash1275

    Vash1275 Guest

    hobbytown is where they helped me.

    lightspeed (something) were the guys who made me mad
  10. SpArKeY_STi

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    Really. Well thats cool that you found a place. I accually go to a local store that accually sells Airplanes, but recently got Mini-T's in, and they order my parts for me. I'd rather support them them Hobby Town who drives the shops like that out.