New to the scene!! Need suggestions.

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by hujh2012, May 11, 2012.

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    So, I've become interested in this field of R/C
    and I am trying to figure out what might
    be the best starting point. I don't want to
    get something too cheap causing me
    to buy something better 5 months
    down the line. I do well with challenges
    and I'm able to make the "money" work right
    for the right car. I have seen that TC3s and Tl-01s
    are pretty popular for sliding. Might you guys have
    any other suggestions? I know of Yokomo but they
    are seemingly expensive compared to other companies.
    Anyways, I'm open to the input you guys have to give!!!


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    Make sure you have a place you can fly regularly. The size of that area will set the ultimate size of your plane. I would suggest getting a nice 3 axis Park Flyer, electric plane. They are awesome to fly, and will give you a lot of enjoyment. I have built planes with 6 foot wingspans and massive motors, but I can honestly say that the set up and flying of the electric planes just makes it a lot easier to enjoy. If you purchase a very slow flying plane might be able to fly it inside your house!

    They come in all shapes and sizes, some look like Corsairs, I saw one today that looked like a classic Reliant, there are Bi-Planes. Many to choose from, and no such a great investment where if it crashes, you haven't lost a couple of thousand dollars.

    This Decathlon is really nice, it cost $169.00, complete!:

    This one is $269.00:


    Check out this website, they have a wide selection and can tell you where to buy them.
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    Mar 22, 2012
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    A long while ago I had purchased a Traxxas Rustler, I really liked it & prices haven't varied much since then ($200). Since you mentioned sliding, I'd like to point out that while it's not a drifter by design, it has a low center of gravity & when I swapped out the off-road tires with road tires it drifted quite well. I could only imagine what slicks would do for it.

    Also Traxxas seems pretty big on it's upgrading & aftermarket parts. You might want to look at some of their other models, they're lots of body shells to choose from out there so focus on what's under the hood, you can always change the hood itself later.
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    Sorry, for some reason, I missed the "sliding" reference. This, I know nothing about.