New to the hobby, a few questions.

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    Hello all, i love trains, and been buying boxcars just to put on my shelf. Now i want to put them in action. Been reading and doing research for a few months now. Just got a few questions to start.

    My first 5 fright cars i bought were by Model Power and Bachmann, now im buying Athearn and better. I would like all my cars to be able to uncoule by remote (magnets). I went to my hobby shop and saw the packages by Kadee, but all had numbers on each of them ie: Kadee Magnet Couplers #7 and so on. Whats the difference? how do i know which one to by?

    Next few quesionts are on weathering, i got some indian ink, how many drops should i add to the alcohol and into how much alcohol? And how should i apply it, spray it on, dab it on, dip it, or paint it on with a brush?

    And after doing all my weathering to a car i sprayed my car with Krylon Matte Finish to seal it. But what it end up doing was the CN lettering started to crinkle, what should i use to seal weathering with chalks, etc.

    Thanks for your time and help
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    Your Questions.


    Welcome to The Guage.

    I hope I can help with your questions. FIrstly I'll asume your chosen guage is HO?

    The Kadee system of couplers is renowned as the best. I use Kadee coupler #5. The magnetic uncoupler is standard and you get 2 uncouplers per packet. Also buy a Kadee track and coupler guage, to ensure your couplers are mounted at the correct height and position. The coupler number (ie #5) refers to the shank length (I think), but # 5 is the most common for HO scale.

    With weathering, I do not use Indian Ink, but well watered down acrylic artist paint. (use the earthy colours.) Chalks are very good instead of paints as well. Just powder them and dust them on. If it doesnt look good, you can wash them off.

    With regards to sealing your finished model, I do not know of Krylon Matte Finish, However what ever you use should not crinkle the decals. I use Humbrol DecalFix (which soften and sets the decal properly to the plastic) then use Testors Dull Cote spray can to finish it off. I have not had a problem with decals using these products or methods. Use very light multiple coats of the Dull Cote too. It doesnt take much to dull and finsh of your model.

    Make sure you use products designed for modellers and not general home hardware products.

    I hint with weathering, make sure the weathering matches you proposed scenery and general look and feel you want for your layout too.
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