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Discussion in 'RC Drifting and Setup' started by newbie_drifter, Aug 21, 2005.

  1. my bro bought me a skyline for my b-day but it was an nikko. it goes pretty fast but i can barley find anything to hook it up. it has a long wire(very long). is nikko good?
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    Nikko is good, for nothing. They have some fun cars (Scorpion, ya i own one) but they arnt worth anything for drifting or anything above like 10MPH. I havent heard of anyone making a Nikko of any kind do anything special, but i know its possible... i've done some motherboard mods to many of mine.

    And about hop up parts, good luck. You can call up nikko and maby get a bit faster of a motor, or a new motherboard, but anything else is all on you. The best thing to do would be junk the insides and put in your own servos, esc's and transmitter to get rid of that wire.
  3. how am i suppose to get rid of the wire and get a transmitter?
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    Buy like a futaba radio, then gut the car and install that stuff.
  5. wat fuataba radio am i suppose to get? and how am i suppose to install the radio?
  6. o and do i have to change the battery? because im not really sure about that. and how am i suppose to get the transmitter working?
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    Search google for some of that stuff... i could explain it, but it would be long and drawn out, and without pictures it would be hard.

    But seing as how your having problems with doing a project like that, i would accually just advise you to wait and buy a hobby level kit or rtr