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    I have noticed a trend towards posting of finished models with no build pics. That is NOT what this forum is about. I can suggest one you can go to to do that, but we want to see the builds process, the nitty, gritty. You don't have to take 100's of pics, but a pic of a hard section, and a pic at each stage of completion would be nice, off the top of my head, I'd say that would be a minimum of 10 pics.

    It flies in the face of certain members who have shared such details of their builds, years worth, then you get members posting a page of finished works, wanting accolades, when frankly, since they didn't do the build thread, especially considering the size and amount of pictures that we allow you to post directly, 10 Huge pics Per Post, and as many posts as you need? I know forums that do not do this, many many forums.

    Please, if you post no build threads, no build threads, and I will start limiting pictures of finished models, to 1 or maybe 2.

    You take away from the forum if you don't post build threads. People who are joining, different story, they are showing us what they have done.

    This is effective immediately and you will see it in the "Rules and Policies".

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