New releases at Ecardmodels 5/29/09

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    Hello again!

    I have several new models available in the shop. I decided to have an extra release this week because many people have expressed an interest in getting their hands on the new 1:50 Mareks I just received. You will need to wait til next week for the 1:33 planes. Marek also let me know he has more just about ready to send me but has not yet told me what they are! I also have new designs from several other designers that just made it into the shop recently.

    Trent Henry released his USS Alligator. A most excellent Civil War sub. It has superb textures (as usual) look for more subs in his new line of models!

    Will Aldridge also got out his XP-67 Moonbat! This is a very well detailed and unique plane. Take a look! It has some very interesting curves:

    Der Kampfflieger just released a brand new set of planes! Similar in presentation to his Sopwith Baby's we now get a Sopwith Camel set! 12 (yes TWELVE) planes in one kit. This works out to under $2.00 per plane! Every plane has a very unique livery and many of them have very colorful designs and will make an excellent group of planes on the shelf!

    Fitter sent us 3 new SE5a's to complement the three we already have available. These are nice additions to the set!

    Marek delivers 5 new planes to add on to his already enourmous number of designs! They are all done to his standards you have come to expect from his designs:

    PZL-37B Los a two engined Polish bomber:

    B-24 Consolidated Vultee Liberator! A four engined heavy bomber:

    Mitsubishi A5M4 Claude:

    RWD-8 (PWS):

    LWD Zuraw (Crane):

    If you have any questions please dont hesitate to give me a shout!