New Purchase - HSP Sonic 1/10 4WD - HELP?

Discussion in 'RC General & Getting Started' started by hotchi9130, Jun 30, 2008.

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    Jun 30, 2008
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    I just bought a new hps sonic 1/10 4WD car off of ebay and I was wondering if the car is any good. I only payed $85 for it and this will be my first car.
    Could any of you give it a look and tell me if it is a good starter car?
    And could you give me a rough estimate of how fast the car goes, I was so caught up in the moment of buying it, I forgot to even email the guy and ask him how fast it goes... (silly me) wall1:confused:


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    Oct 30, 2008
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    HSP Sonic


    I have had a 1/10th Sonic for a couple of months now and to be honest it’s been nothing but trouble.

    On the very first drive after running a full litre of 15% through it at, the rear stopper on the Throttle Pull rod came flying off and revved the guts out of the engine while it was still fresh.

    Next time I took it out the Throttle Servo packed it in, I swapped that out and within 2 min's of it being up and running it stripped 1st gear.

    To top it all off, the people I got it from, rchobbycentre, on EBay have taken forever to replace these parts continually giving the excuse that they are out of stock and the parts will be in within 10 days, well that was 2 months ago. I was also told to keep an eye out for when the parts I needed showed as in stock on their site, meaning I had to chase them up yet again instead of them making a note and sending the parts as soon as they came in as the parts were well and truly covered by warrantee.

    I'm guessing the problem with Second gear only engaging once or twice before it fails to engage at all is a universal problem for anyone who purchased a Sonic.

    Just in case you haven't come up with a solution to this problem here it is.

    If you pull the Pin out of the Clutch Shoe (Part Number - 02045) and remove the wedge shaped tab, being careful to take note of which end makes contact with the tension spring and ball, then just file around 2 to 3mm off that end which will allow the wedge to open further and make proper contact with the Peg and engage 2nd gear properly every time.

    By the way, is it also universal with these cars that the rear wheels have a really bad toe in problem that cannot be adjusted out?