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    We have not received any e-mail from you regarding any problems with our moulds. We have checked our mail gateway and there is no record of any e-mail from your address for this week. Your post to this forum was the first indication we had that you were having problems with our product. Please make sure you are sending your e-mail to . We respond promptly to all correspondence. Customer service is our priority.

    As for our products, please check the plaster you are using. If it is plaster of paris, this product shrinks and warps as it hardens. The problems you indicated and illustrated are text-book examples of why we do not recommend using it with our moulds. All moulds are created from precision-carved, steel dies. All blocks are the same height.

    If your mould is not casting true or is not square, you have received a defect. This is easily corrected by requesting another one. We will send it to you free of charge. We cannot correct an issue if we don't hear about from you. As I said, your post in this forum was our first indication you were not happy.

    If you are still not satisfied, please return the moulds and I will send you a complete refund on your order.

    For others in this forum:
    Our moulds produce outstanding results with a little effort and patience. Please see our Gallery page for some fine examples of buildings made with our moulds.

    At Linka World, we pride ourselves on providing quality products and dealing fairly with our customers. We stand behind our products 100%. We never want anyone to experience "buyer's remorse" with our products. If you are not completely satisfied, simply return your moulds to us within a week of receiving them for a full refund.

    As always, we are ready to answer any questions anyone may have. Feel free to contact us ( ) .

    - Richard Purdy
    Linka World