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Discussion in 'HO Scale Model Trains' started by Windwalker, Dec 28, 2006.

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    Dec 28, 2006
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    Hello All;
    I'm new to model railroading. My only experience is with my old Lionel Super O set I received for Christmas 1960. At least I still have it all, the 4-8-4 J class 746 and long stripe tender and all cars are in a wall case my son built for me 20 years ago.

    I recently moved to the country and have plenty of room for a train room now. Debating whether to build a 60 x 40 building or renovate several rooms and workshop in the barn.

    I guess my first step was to start collecting locomotives, of which I have bought several over the last month or so. and this is my main question -- I don't know much about the advantages / disadvantages of locomotives, cars,track, etc. I have mostly new or mint Proto 2000, a few Athearn Genesis, 1 Broadway Ltd, and some regular Athearn, Bachmann Plus. Are the ones like Broadway Ltd or Precision Craft worth the extra money?

    I'm most interested in the first generation diesels -- Alco PA's, EMD E6, E7, E8's but the later diesels are starting to grow on me.

    I'm really looking for insight into buying locomotives right now. Any recommendations ? brands to stay away from, or ones that are better suited to display rather than actual operating? Was readind a thread about the Bachmann Plus engines being best suited for the trash -- then found it was N scale -- does this apply also to HO? I hope not -- just bought a ABA mint set in B & O for $50

    Any and all information is appreciated.