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    May 11, 2001
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    We received our shipment of the new C424's yesterday and I have picked up my first two of them.
    They are modeled after an early phase of possibly a U.S. style with the "eyebrow" style numberboard on the rear of the unit. Sadly, The Canadian Pacific, which I model, had only one of that style:(, and I will have to break out the tools again in order to model the right style for my road.
    The paint job is the major drawback on this model for the following reasons:
    CN, Diagonal stripes: The stripes appear to be at the wrong angle:(.
    CN, Wet Noodle: No obvious problems:).
    CPR, Tuscan and Grey, Both phases, Tuscan (Maroon)is very dark:(.
    CP Rail, 1st Phase: The multimark is too small and the stripes on the front of the cab, nose and rear appear to be 8" wide instead of 5" wide:( :(.
    CP Rail, 2nd phase: The multimark, again is too small and the stripes on the nose and rear, while appearing to be the right size (8"), are missing the stripes on the bottom right and top left corners as you look at them head on (Incomplete striping):( :( :(.
    Undec: Lack of paint appears to be correct in all aspects of this model,:rolleyes:, allowing the modeler lots of room to improve upon it :D :) :p :cool:.
    As for the detail on this model, It is extremely well done:cool:, and is in keeping with the excellence of any of life Like's previous releases:D.
    The locomotive is an extremely good runner in all speed ranges:), however, It is not DCC ready:(, and will require a fair amount of cutting, grinding and filing in order to make room for a decoder.
    I presently have the following Life like units in my fleet:
    7 x C Liner "A"s
    7 x C Liner "B"s
    5 x FA1's
    3 x FB2's
    2 x GP20'
    2 x SD7's
    5 x SW9/1200's
    2 x C 424's

    Having been quite satisfied with all of my previous Life Like releases, I am still happy that a very good running C 424 is now available.
    I do not model CP Rail to any great degree and I have no problem with the too dark Tuscan Red on the earlier units as I love to weather them up so the color dosn't matter as some of the other modelers call me the "Weather Man" (My units Work for a living, even if the locomotive and car cleaners on my road don't!):D :D :D.
    The shortcommings of this release pose no problem to me, however many who prefer ready to run equipment will be disappointed and I hope that Life Like can improve on their future releases.