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    Hi all,

    I've recently bought a 2nd hand layout from one of the chaps at our Ntrak club. It's built on a hollow core door, measuring 80" x 32". Cost me a whopping R1000 (that's about $153 US at current exchange rates). There is work to be done on it, which includes:
    the middle left area is going to have some industries on it (near the middle tan coloured blob of paint).
    I plan on having 3 or 4 industries in the middle area, to keep a switcher busy. The outer figure 8 line is for watching trains run.

    My problem is that I need some help with industries. I want to model the 1940's / 1950's transition era. I need help with what the industries would look like then. Anyone know of resources on the web as to what they look like?


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    Which industries are you thinking of?

    In very general terms, there were more, smaller industries than what you might see today. In the post WWII era, you see lots of brick buildings, with concrete more and more prevalent (although the more modern "tilt-ups" are not really on the scene yet), and also lots of corregated siding and "quonset" huts - those surplus "half-round" buildings were purchased by a lot of industries for a variety of uses.

    Some industries are in upgrading mode after the huge war-effort, but others may have gone bust if their products are no longer in demand. Trucks are becomeing more and more important to a variety of industries, with rail shipments in decline.

    More industry-specific information is available if you know what type you'll concentrate on...

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    :thumb: :D Nice buy!!I'ed start with an passenger station and go from there,There is an lot of possablety in your new rail road,have fun injoy!