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    Launched as v 1.0 only last August and already up to v 2.3 the FreeShip programme is Open Source and causing a bit of a stir in boatbuilding circles where it's already thought to be the best freebie available and better than a lot of not freebies.
    Obviously it's the potential for doing developments that may be of interest to us in the longer term.
    Import abilities are limited so far but support for .igs format is promised. Existing .igs export is known to be buggy.
    Currently it is possible to import a not particularly "boat shaped" surface in VRML v 1.0 ( .wrl format) and to obtain a .dxf development that compares reasonably with that from other sources. I'm inclined to think that the smallish variation stems from limitations in the interpretation of imports rather than in the development function. It seems to do better with shapes created within the programme or with Hulls and Carene files which it can import.
    Other export formats are available.
    It is not a 3D modelling programme per se.
    Runs under WINE.
    Uses a technique called surface modeling, see the helpful manual and some tutorials.
    Is not limited just to hull shapes.

    Certainly might be worth watching.