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Discussion in 'RC Drifting and Setup' started by importfever96, Jul 5, 2004.

  1. ey im new to this forum n to rc drifting... i wanted to know whats a good Rc car(electric) to drift with it for a beginner to start... what i need to buy??
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    you should read around the other topics but almost any car is okay. what kinda budget you on??
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    AE86 Drifter, is right on this one. Almost any car is okay to start with it just depends on what kind of budget can you work / have to work with.

    Remember, Just becase it looks fancy or costs a lot doesn't mean it's the best. Sometimes the best rc cars are built with nothing more than hand-me-down parts and accessories, but the main thing that goes into them is the time and work you provide. That's what really makes one of the best rc drifters out there: You.

    That's my .02
  4. oo k but what brand of car should i buy? i want a car that can put any body into... n what are some name of cars that i can start to work with ... my budget it's 100 to 200 at that most ... any sites that have drift car that i could buy?.. are xmods any good?..
  5. The most popular are Tamiya since they're cheap. Xmods are 1/28th scale, but yes they are good drifters when you get the right stuff for them. I prefer 1/10, but it's completely up to you.
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    The low end tamiya cars are great drifters. :wink:
    Tlo1 is under 100
    TTo1 ready to run with radio set, chasis, and body is under 200,
    169 at LHS
    I recommend tamiy because of the way the parts fit, the super high detailed bodies , excellent instructions and they handle great. :mrgreen:

    Go to the tamiya web site. to view or check out the tamiy thread in the forum. :arrow:
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    i most definitely agree with getting TL01 cus its good for starters and the parts are compatible with most of the other tamiya chassis. i think TT01 is good too cus the electronics layout is pretty much well-balanced. either one of those is good. i might have a good suggestion with the TL01...dont upgrade to a lightweight chassis. this is cus the leightweight chassis snaps and is a lil weaker than the stock chassis. thats pretty much it...just slap on some PVC or wrap your tires with electrical tape.
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    Well... so far everything said is great... but not really helping you competly.

    For starters, your going to need the Car, Radio with matching Reciever, ESC, motor, Battries for whatever car you choose, and charger. Then some ABS or PVC from your hardware shop to fit on the tires.

    Depending on what scale you want would depend on what car you want.

    For 1/24th scale, Xmods are great. They are RTR with some AA's and some electral tape on the tires gets them drifting.
    For 1/18th scale, id reomend Micro RS4 from HPI. They come RTR or Kit, and make REALLY nice anywhere drifters with some electrical taped tires.
    For 1/12th scale, i dont know of any RTR's, but the new Xray kit is the only one that could really possibly make a worthwhile drifter. However, its may jump the price above 300...
    For 1/10th scale, the Tamiya's cant be beat on price. They are nice cars for the price, but can be noisy and to me seem "bulky".
    for anything larger... your gona have to wait. Theres another guy making a 1/7th scale drifter, and 1/5ths are same as all others... some PVC or ABS wheels...

    Now, you can get those (except the 1/5th, and 1/12th scale) for under $200. However, you may have a tough time finding everything else you need for it. You can check out the cars on the manufacters websites. Micro RS4: Xmods: 1/12th Scale: 1/10th scale: Then, after you decide what you want, look around Ebay for a bit for the car you want. You can find Completely RTR Cars for under $200 sometimes. Example: And if i were you... GO FOR IT! You CAN NOT beat that deal... $130 for a TL01, 3 Batterys, Charger, and Radio. I mean, the Charger itself is almost worth it... its one of the best you can buy... a Indi 16x3!