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    Attention all Frisco Folks:

    Richard Napper, well-known Frisco Modeler and NMRA Kansas Central Division Director, has graciously volunteered to be the editor of a new Frisco magazine, The Meteor.

    He will produce it four times a year and will only send it to E-mails in PDF format and/or post to If you are interested, please contact Richard at

    It should have both prototype and modeling articles. Richard will not write the articles, but he will edit them. So if you are interested in the Frisco, please sign up and contribute! Tell us about a model you are building, a day at trackside, pictures you have taken, a personal experience about the Frisco, interview someone you know that worked for the road, etc. There is something everyone can contribute.

    I also encourage people to check out . There's lots of great information there.