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    Dec 24, 2006
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    Hey Guys,
    My names Daniel and im 14 years old. I got into RC Drifting after watching some videos on YouTube :) . I own a 4WD nitro powered RC CAR with an O.S otor , and I am in love with my car. I am not sure of my "setup" as I havent bought any specific drift orientated RC cars only the one I have, which I am sure was ment for speed. I frequently take my car out to local car parks with a bottle of water and some electrical tape to have some fun, If you know what I meen, and let me tell you, it loves to drift, so I am sure there will be no problem with that. But before I finish up I have some questions to ask:

    1. I know most people recommend electric RC cars for drifting, but I think my car is VERY, VERY sturdy. Is there any special precautions I should take?

    2. Soon, I am going to set off to my local hardware shop to buy some ABS pipe, so I can start drifting properly. How can I be sure that my car is ment to be taken sideways?

    3. I live in Sydney, Australia and am not sure were to get the: HKS Genki S15 Cover from, is their anyone that has any ideas?

    4. Where can I find MY setup?

    5. Is it OK to drift without having an RC car especially built for drifting? Cause I want to know if my car has got what it takes. I have allready said that I think it does, but thats my unprofessional point of view.

    Thanks Guys, Awaiting Reply ASAP Please Guys!


    EDIT:I have found my car make model :)

    Its a GV V2000. There are alot of extras so im happy :)

    eg: I found one site: