new drift tire?

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would you buy this drift tire?

  1. yes

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  2. no

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  3. if the price was less

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  4. maybe...ill have to ask some questions first. (if so, please ask)

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  1. chromecarz00

    chromecarz00 Guest

    im currently in the process of designing a new r/c drift tire. it will have this one cool feature which no other r/c drift tire ive encountered has; it will smoke. meaning that it will have a much more realistic drift look, which, of course, is sure you know what thatll mean. prices tentatively are:
    carbon fiber rims, $30-35/pair, plastic/aluminum $20-25. would you buy this kit? please let me know so i can plan whether to make this or not.please answer either this or the poll, a simple yes/no answer would suffice, and im also taking questions. Thanks.
  2. 1. is the price individual
    2. do you have to buy the tires mounted
    3. how will they work??
  3. chromecarz00

    chromecarz00 Guest


    answers to ur question:
    1) The prices are per pair, the carbon fiber doesnt seem to be coming through but im working on it, the plastic is set for sure.
    2) I will sell them in mounted versions first, but i dont know if I can sell in unmounted. Ill let you know..
    3) I cant tell you exactly how it works, but its nearly impossible to make rubber smoke on an rc car, so it will work in another way...

    and back to the pre-mounted question, I can sell unmounted but youll have to drill a hole in your rim, and i dont know if people want to do that. Thanks!

    *oh and 1 more thing, the smoke can be colored...if you so desire. :D
    Thanks for ur questions!
  4. jareb

    jareb Guest

    I guess id buy them if they can smoke red like the kumho tires at the NOPI car shows. Ignore my previous reply, I just thought theyd smoke grey or black. If you make a video and post it I know people would buy them. Well let me know when you have a set that smoke red. Oh yeah how long do you think theyll last.