New Club forming Frackville, PA area

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    If this looks familiar, I posted a similar message about a year ago, but then the deal fell through. A friend and I are meeting with the owner of a layout currently comprised of both 2 and 3 rail "O" plus some "HO" for perspective. I don't know the exact dimenstions but it is made up of 30 some + 4x8 sheets of plywood, multi-level and sceniced. The current owner is unable to put in the time it needs and says he is willing to turn it over to a responsible group. There is a private non-profit group set up currently for it. It is meant to historically represent the Anthracite region in 1925. It does to some extent but needs revision and tweaking, to more realistically and reliably do this. Counting myself, my friend, and his 16 year old son we would only have 3 members. We would be open to more members who share our idea of a realistic, historicaly based layout. The layout is in a mall and would be open for public viewing, probably with an admission fee, and for private club operating sessions. If you are truly interested, and live close or are willing to travel, please contact me. Thanks, Dave