new cinderella's castle, but need help with download.

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    Epson Japan considers the model a premium offered to those who have bought Japanese Epson printers. Those of us who haven't bought one haven't "earned" the model.

    It would be nice if Epson America would offer the same sorts of premiums to US customers, and Epson UK to UK customers, but this doesn't seem to be the case.

    And of course those of use with other brands of printers are supporting Epson's competition and certainly don't deserve any sort of benefits from Epson. <G>

    Contrast Canon, whose Japanese and English sites have all sorts of paper models which can be freely downloaded and printed by anyone, regardless of whose printer he owns. It would be *really* nice if Epson would be as generous ... :-/
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    Seite 42's castle

    Sorry, to butt in here, since the thread has moved on to Epson's casle, but . .

    I am building this one for my daughter for her birthday. If you do decide to give it a go, beware that the various pages have been scanned at slightly different sizes. I got through the first two parts, then realised the walls and raised floor are waaayyy too small. Had to reprint at 124%. Hope this will save you some ink!:)

    Trader Sam, I would have loved to do you version, and I was sore tempted, but it is so big the missus would not have been pleased! :grin:

    Back to Epson!