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    Theres been a lot... check in the site suggestions section

    But its both, the ESC and motor. The hotter the motor gets, the more current its pulling, the more stress and current going threw the ESC. Also, a fan could be sometimes bad. If theres not proper ventilation in your car (like a cut in the windshield and such) and you use a fan, it can allow the heat to escape and gain faster in the motor. The fan just ends up overheating the batter, and esc faster also. Best thing to do is use a heat sink, and just dont over do it. Also, DO NOT PLAY WITH TIMING, unless you REALLY know what your doing, Not " I heard it from this guy, and i think... " Real nice way to end up at the hobby shop buying a new kit. They can explode, i've seen it. The kid thought he would be cute, and cut turns from his motor, from 20 -> 15, under time it, and over gear it. Next week i seen him at the hobby shop droping $300 for a new kit, ESC, Motor, Reciever, the works. Its like a frag gernade... destroys everything within a mile radius...
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    HUmmm i wont cut my turns u crazy ? !!!!

    I will advanced the timing though. Thats what it is for. Gotta try it sometime.

    there is one problem i cant fit a heat sink on my Pro 3 LOL
    But i did upgrade to a heatsink motor mounts LOL.
    Just gotta make sure all screw are tight.
    Since u sai Fan wont do i either wont use fan or maybe use external batts for fan LOL.
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    Hahahah Comon Eat this(j/k) !!! U think this lil kitty will blow ?
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    ... nice plugs! Nevermind anything i said... theres going to be to much current loss for it to be worried about :p :p :shock: Hack those plugs man! Thats part of the problem! Your getting a but load of current loss. If you MUST use plugs, at least use deans.
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    I just Hacked the entire 3 inch of cable to that what u see LOL.
    Dun worry no current loss. measured already LOL. the plugs are filled with lead.
    I am bored ,....