need sugg's on drifter car...

Discussion in 'RC Drifting and Setup' started by Twan013, Sep 10, 2006.

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    hey guys, i'm looking for an RC car to turn into a drifter... (duh, why else would i be here? lol) but instead of asking "what's the best car to start with", i have specific wants in my drifter.. do they make bodies with which you can change the bodykits? like bumpers and spoilers and stuff... all the cars i've found come with a single-piece molded body that you can't change unless you buy a whole new body.. the reason this is somewhat important to me, is because i came from the xmod scene, and i really like their customizations possibilities... i just want to find a bigger rc
  2. from my experience there is no "bodykits" for lexan bodies and really your only choice is to buy another body after your tired of the old one.
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    You can always build a bodikit outta plastic and kitty hair...that´s how I got my Ford Focus ZX kit done. I took pictures from NFSU2 for reference as regards proportions to be kept. Mind you, it will add weight to ur car. If you keep it simple, u´ll do fine.
  4. your serious??
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    totally serious...I know it sounds kinda weird but since there is no buyin parts (not even tyres) here, I have to make do with whatever I can find. I'll upload pix og my Focus, if u guys want.
  6. do it, i wanna see a cat hair bodykit!
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    Kitty Hair is a product used to make woofer boxes and some interior parts smooth...did u think I used actual animal fur? LMAO:eek: :-D
  8. yeah i did..cant see the pics though...