Need some opinions on a model im building

Discussion in 'General Card Modeling' started by Derrick256, Jun 13, 2008.

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    This is my first paper model im building I am do know 3D models but first time building it to paper I need some help on its construction I need someone to look at the pictures and see if it will hold up being in paper form. I am almost finish constructing it in Sketch Up

    I am making a Sentry 3 from Team Fortress 2 , if this goes well im gonna start after my next project.

    [​IMG]I am wondering if this will hold up to the weight of the top with the guns and the missle launcher mostly worried about the main pipe in the middle

    [​IMG]I wanna know if its possible to make these especially the wire in the back how would anyone do it, anyone?

    Does anyone know if this bar will hold the weight of these 2 guns ? better view from the next picture

    As you can see the main board is made into 3 sections, could it be made into one section and have the hinges ( the tubes next to each nut ) made into halfs and the main board being a whole and still hold up ?

    And the last circle is a brace for the bullet holder and the missle launcher this is the only thing holding those two and they link up to the main shaft, is it possible that this will hold up ? or do I need to figure out a brace somehow?

    Thank you in advance

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    Paper is pretty tough when rolled or built into a "beam" shape. In my opinion, it doesn't look like you will have a real problem with strength, provided you use a good glue (I use Aleene's tacky glue in the gold bottle, however the glue in the silver bottle does dry much quicker and harder. The gold botted glue retains a slight amount of flexibility) and good card stock (110 lb). Keep in mind, the heavier the stock, the more difficult it is to roll and shape. I personally use 84 lb card stock for almost everything and it holds up perfectly (I get it at Jo Anns fabric / craft store ... 50 sheets for 2.99. For some added "toughness" clear coat the model either when completed or do each individual part as you construct them. This not only protects the ink / paper form UV / water, but does also add a little more strength to the stock (just a note, I do not spray anything and have never had much of an issue with fading to date, of course I don't display anything in a sunny window or in a bright fluorescent lit room). Hope that helps a bit?

    FYI, your model looks great. Any plans on releasing it?
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    A card/paper model should be strong enough.

    It could be nose-heavy, though. That's often a problem
    with lightly built models, with parts of thin card as against
    thick sheet or cast metal.

    I would add some rolled card inside the round bit that
    sits between the guns.