Need MR article copies

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    Dec 8, 2002
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    Thanks doctorwayne! XXXOOO

    Wow! See, my old curmudgeon of a boss was right, "if I complain enough..."

    I am thrilled. I smell Kato E8s in the future. Uh, I am faint~~~~~~~~~- all these years. Did you ever see such a beautiful locomotive? OMG!:eek:

    You really don't know how many times I did net searches on Amtrak E8s 'cause I can't that high. Well, I could if I had a few hundred hands.

    Thank you but I must leave now and be alone with these fotos for a short while and when I come to I am sure I will be fine- teeheehee<perk>.

    I will deny my actions here today should anyone wanna make a federal case out of it because I wasn't here and it wasn't me.:p

    By the Ralph- PC for me. I have no use for many more locos (WHAT AM I NUTZ!!!!), I just wanted a particular AMTRAK unit from the fall. That page that doc mentioned, I actually remember sittining there in the reading room hoping I'll remember it for future reference. I guess it got wiped away except for the '72.

    Thanks fellas.