Need help with my Lionel NYC SD90MAC

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    Jul 24, 2010
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    I have just gotten the Lionel New York Central LionMaster Diesel Freight Set for my birthday. I absolutely love the thing. Here's the problem. I don't have the Legacy system yet so I'm running it on the conventional transformer. I noticed that one of the ditch lights isn't working. I called the dealer and he said that because it wasn't programed right at the factory I would need to buy the Legacy system to fix the issue and reprogram it to activate the light. Has anyone had a similar problem or is this guy just tryin to force feed me the legacy system that I am planning on buying, just not yet?

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    Dec 15, 2008
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    first a disclaimer, every thing I know for certain about Lionel is 40 year old information.

    It seems to me that if one ditchlight is in op, and the other works, you may have a bulb issue. It seems to my tiny little mind, that the ditchlights would be wired on one circuit, with one command to turn them on or off.

    I would suggest contacting Lionel directly to get your information. Your dealer may have good information, but Lionel is the ultimate scource, and if it is a programming issue, they may be able to come up with some other options to resolve your issues.

    I have always been a 2 railer, with the third rail being a deal breaker. Lionel has been coming up with some very impressive , extremely well detailed equipment, and reliability and running characteristics of the 3 rail system have proved to be outstanding, the world has changed.

    Good luck, please keep us informed.

    Bill Nelson