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  1. Hey what is up just got into electric cars just for drifting . but finding elcectric more and more interesting.I am selling my NTC3 should i keep my electronics and transfer them to my electric and how much should i sell for i am thinking for just $150. i am buying an Tamiya TT-01 electric just for drifting for 120 w/tax

    Setup: that I am thinking about

    27Turn FutabaESC KE230CR w/Revese also do i really need a reversing ESC $39

    Peak Performance Power Max Pro 3000mAh Pair of batterries $49

    Team Trinity Monster Stock Pro Motor 27 turn motor that is some good drifting torque $28
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    im Not sure about how much you should sell your NTC3 for. But as far as electronics, unless you have another TX/RX - keep0 those. Also, if you dont have a servo, or dont wana buy one, id keep one. Thats all you need.

    For the Set up, that looks fine...

    And, no, you dont need reverse, just with drifting it can sometimes be a REALLY good thing to have.
  3. what is a TX/RX i am not trying to be smart but i said i just got into electric and dont reaaly know alot about electric abbrieviations. thanx for any help

    did you mean it will come in handy on 360' manuvers
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    tx = transmitter crystal hence the t for transmitter
    rx = reciever crystal and hence the r for reciever
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    Tx = Transmitter... Not crystal.
    Rx = Reciever... Not crystal.

    Thats why ON crystals they have TX and RX, cause you (hopefully) already know its a crystal...

    Anyway, no i didnt mean Reverse for 360's. I ment because you can get yourself in some sticky situations when drifting and it sux having to walk back and forth all the time to get your car. Speically on a track...