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    Nov 29, 2006
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    I downloaded a couple of Me262's from I would appreciate someone explaining what the creator means by the thin gray margin area around the lower wing and fin sections. It doesn't seem to be a glue tab. I would contact the author, but the email link doesn't seem to work. Thanks in advance. Here's a small snippet of the plan.

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    First, score the red line

    second, rough cut the wings, and tail

    third, fold in half on the red line, and glue together

    fourth, cut out the wings on the green side

    fifth, turn the wing over, and see how the grey border helps hide potential cutting mistakes

    sixth, finish the model as normal

    But that is just my guess ;)

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    I would agree, its to help hide a mistake if its not glued/cut just right. I would personally cut it out just right first then fold and glue.