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    I received a call from John a few minutes ago asking for help contacting a railfan somewhere in or near South Bend. If you can't help, do you know someone who could.

    This is John Dobberstein, I'm a reporter at the South Bend Tribune. I am trying to reach people in the South Bend area who film or photograph train operations. I am working on a story about terrorism issues and how these people could be enlisted as eyes and ears for the railroads, yet they continue to endure harassment.

    If anyone can help, please contact me at (574) 235-6187 or I am trying to get this story done in the next 1-2 days.

    John Dobberstein, staff writer
    South Bend Tribune
    225 W. Colfax Avenue
    South Bend, IN 46626
    (574) 235-6187
    FAX: 235-6104