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Discussion in 'RC Drifting and Setup' started by tko415, Oct 23, 2006.

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    Oct 23, 2006
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    Hi can anybody help me out? I want to get started in the hobby of rc drifting. I went to my local hobby shop and was not satisfied with their response as they tell me to use internet forum to find my answers. All I ask is what they recommend and they would not answer. All they said is “what you are willing to pay.”

    Well I’m willing to put down around 400 dollars so can anybody help me out in figuring out what I should buy.

    So far the this what I found out in my research:
    For the chassis: Need to be 4WD
    Tamiya TL-01 or TT-01 is cheap and easy to find parts. What the difference between the TL-01 and TT-01? Which would you prefer? And is it this fully adjustable like the Yokomo?
    Yokomo- Expensive and parts maybe hard to find and expensive too.
    Hpi- Don’t know much about it.

    Tires: Use Drift tires make out of ABS piping or PVC

    Motor: Novak motor I heard is very good. Anymore option? How many turns should the motor be? Some recommend 19 turn for drifting.

    Here is some stuff I search and did not find anything about:

    Remote: This I don’t know much about. What kinds of 2 channel radio set/ controller should I buy or any kinds of remote?

    Battery- What kinds of batter should I look for? And what kind of charger?

    Am I missing anything if so please let me know. Thanks for you time and sorry about all these questions. It just that I been searching for days and can’t make any decision

    I ready want to get into this rc drift scene.