Need help getting new engine running!!

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    Dec 3, 2004
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    OK. I ran my 4-6-4 Hudson fine on some new Fastrack I just got. I always wanted to upgrade the signalsouds to railsounds an add CC. I started with the railsounds upgrade from Dig Dynamics. It didn't go smoothly. I had the new steam sounds and whistle and bell, but no chuff. Engine still running good though, just no chuff. Someone told me about the jumper so removed the jumper for CC as the other jumper was already set for cc even though it was a conventional loco. I went to the track, and nothing. Wouldn't move at all. Had start-up and whistle and bell, no movement. Ran the power up and on came the blinking red light on the ZW. Put the jumper back the way it was, finally figured out the green wire needed to be connected for chuff. Back on the track, still nothing. I have the new NYC Gang Car and ran it and ran but kept stopping and going stopping and going like the track was shorting out the ZW, but not enough load to set the red light. Anyhow, ran it on some Realtrax and same thing at first, I could see the power was cutting out from the lock on light. It started to run smothly after I put the wires on right....duh.

    So here's where I'm at. The Hudson is in for repair as it was dead on local shop track as well. Said thge ZW tested fine. Stopped off at my fav shop on the way home and got a nice new loaded GP-30 (LOVE IT.) Tried the Gang car on the Fastrack again, same thing. Tried the GP-30 on the Realtrax and ran great. I don't want to put the new engine on the Fastrack until I figure out what's wrong. More info. Lots and lots of sparks from under the Gang Car when running. Needs 14v to run and won't run at slow speed at all, figured needs breaking in. I noticed today that the track shocks me when I lay my hand across it. I didn't think that was supposed to happen, at least it doesn't on the realtrax.

    So where do I start? I replaced the terminal section already with no luck. Cleaned the track with no improvemant. Should I test each section with a voltmeter? Scrap this track and get new. I might add I bought it off Ebay and is new. It did run good at first. Any suggestions???? Please help this Rookie. My 3yo wants the trains going under the tree in the worst way, hence the beautiful Reading Lines GP-30 :)