Need help finding info on pilot and his planes

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    Hello all!
    I need some help finding some information.

    We just found out that my wife is related to a WWI flying ace and commander in chief of the French air force from 1939 until 1940

    Joseph Vuillemin - The Aerodrome - Aces and Aircraft of World War I

    is his name and it has some info. It does specify planes he shot down but never references planes he flew. With a little research I can see that he flew Caudron monoplanes in Escadrille C11 but thats about all I can find.

    I am hoping to find some models of the kinds of planes he flew to make for my wife. Maybe even design one if none are to be found - maybe. If anyone has any books that might have pics of the planes found or better yet color 3 view drawings that would be great. I have some books on WWII planes like that but none on WWI

    Any info would be greatly appreciated!
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    Well, after slogging through only 7 out of innumerable Google pages I can tell you that he is at least as equally famous for pioneering the first air route across the Sahara desert. Also the following links which might help (maybe).

    le blog aviation
    Histoire d'aviation algerie. L'aviation militaire.
    Your wife does speak French right?

    Air Aces Homepage has
    Vuillemin Joeseph FFC 12 victories C-11 & 39, GB5, Escadre 12
    Two books referenced
    1) "Over the Front" by Franks and Bailey. Grub Street, London.1992.
    2)"Air Aces" by Shores. Presidio Press, Novato, CA.1983.

    <em><strong>As Afinidades Efectivas</strong></em>: Ecos de Paris
    Picture at bottom of article is supposedly Vuillemin and another pilot, last name Chalus, standing beside an unidentified plane on their pioneer trip across the Sahara.