need a begginer rc drift car

Discussion in 'RC Drifting and Setup' started by HZOMEGA, Mar 1, 2006.


    HZOMEGA Guest

    sup yall
    i need some suggestions on a begginer rc drifting car
    i already bought the drift kings and it sucks
    price range 50$-100$

    thanks in advance
    please reply bak
  2. sabo_308

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    hmm...HZOMEGA, sounds familiar (forzacentral maybe?)...

    Anyway, a good beginner drift car is the Tamiya TT-01, they have a simple design and are well balanced. You can usually pick up a used one off ebay for around $65 or less. A new one off ebay can cost around the $100 mark.

    HZOMEGA Guest

    yea im from forzacentral. lol
    thnx for the info