navarossi P5 tuning

Discussion in 'RC General & Getting Started' started by road96, Sep 14, 2003.

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  1. road96

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    Aug 16, 2003
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    i need help on tuning the engine, any tips 4 me.

    Tor [8)]
  2. wickedrs01

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    Sep 1, 2003
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    First close the high speed needle and then open it 3 full turns anti clockwise.
    This will do generally for all brands of engines.
    Press the engine against the starter wheel and choke the engine by closing the exhaust for about 4 seconds.
    This is to assure that the empty fuel line is filled with fuel.
    Now connect the glow-plug igniter and start the engine without opening the throttle.
    If the engine does not start, turn the stationary (idle) screw by 1/8 turn steps (clock-wise) until the engine fires up.
    Now if the engine is running at stationary (idle) speed OK, check if oil splashes and smoke are coming from the exhaust.
    If not! Open the bottom speed needle by 1/4 turn steps until it does.
    If it is running richer (the engine stalls with a rumbling sound) turn the idle speed screw clock-wise until the engine runs stationary (idles) OK.
    Again check if oil splashes and smoke are coming from the muffler. Do not touch the high speed needle yet!
    Now, let the engine warm up first to about running temperature of 90 degrees Celsius.

    Try to run the engine at average speed on the track. We are not yet looking for the clean rev up of the engine we only like to adjust the top speed.
    So it might be that the engine is going from idle to full speed with a 4-stroke rumbling sound we take care of that later!
    If the engine is not running rich (4-stroke), no smoke and no rumbling sound, open the high speed needle again by 1/2 turn steps (counter-clock-wise) until it does.
    In all cases smoke should leave the muffler when the throttle is opened fully.
    Now close the high speed needle in 1/8 turns steps clock wise between each lap until it sounds right at speed and still smoke is leaving the muffler.

    If the engine is running stationary (idle) for 5 seconds and the throttle is opened fully the engine should pick up rpm's without any rumble or hick up.
    If it tends to rumble close the bottom screw by 1/8 turns steps (clock-wise) until it picks-up OK.
    If it tends to hick up (grasping for air) then open the bottom speed needle by 1/4 turns steps (anti clock-wise) until it rumbles again.
    Then close the needle by 1/8 turns steps (clock-wise) until it picks up rpm's OK..
    Still check for the oil splashes and smoke from the exhaust. Keep checking the temperature of the engine and smoke trails coming from the muffler.

    When adjusting the BOTTOM SPEED needle it might be needed to change the idle speed too as the BOTTOM SPEED is of influence of the IDLE SPEED needle.
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