Nando Falcon 9 Rocket by Space X

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    As I said in another post, the idiots causing the polarization of the political part of our country no longer represent the people. Their future is not as bright as they think it will be. America's economy off the books is greater than the economy on the books, SO as they alienate the populace, they become irrelevant, cease getting support for their campaigns, they those who wish to lead for the good of the country, not power hungry selfish low life's, will be voted out. Voting is the tool we have, not voting can also be a tool, as the winner who wins an election with a low voter turn out faces and Congress with no mandate from the people. You statement is right on the money, couldn't have set it better myself, and cheers to Elon Musk, who came to the U.S to avoid having to participate in Apartheid. He was able to pursue his dream here, and now is the inspiration for so many around the world.... The influx of immigrants into America keeps it vibrant and alive, and make it truly reflect the world. Every type of human from every country is here, and there is only one type of human, Man and Woman, the latter whom have bore us into this world and still do not get enough respect. :)
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