N&W Class A#1242 ,1950-?

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    Jan 28, 2001
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    Hi y'all,
    I'm hoping to find out more about the last Class A2-6-6-4 to run the rails of the N&W.
    It was built in Roanoke, Va. the year I was born. I've seen the famous O.Winston Link photo with the drive in movie in the foreground, and have other photos in books, of that and a couple of other A s.
    Does anyone know if that loco was scrapped, junked on a siding somewhere, preserved or???
    Any photos would be gratefully appreciated also.
    I'm hoping there will be an N scale model some time, I would love to include that one on my "Road". And if there was one in another scale, I'd consider that too.
    VGN [​IMG] ("'t'was a sunny day")

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