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    Hello! I haven't seen you guys for weeks!:eek:

    I got my own to-do list, and it is gonna be mostly stealth fighters:

    J-10 Chengdu: This plane is actually 4.5 generation fighter, because of limited stealth features. This'un will be a real shocker. This modelling is going to be executed with the F-35 simultaneously.

    Thank you very much, Lex, for your outstanding effort on J-10! I think I'll really enjoy this one!

    F-22 Raptor: I had a lot of progress done. I finished the landing gear bays, the refueling part, and missile bays. But I really do have a problem with the exhaust... Gah!
    Maybe it's half done...?

    F-35B Lightning II JSF: Wow! A hybrid between Raptor and Harrier... Cool!
    F-35A is also gonna be built for USS Nimitz.

    F/A-37 Talon: This'un is going to be totally original. This fictional aircraft made its first debut in the movie, "Stealth" in 2005.

    Su-37 "Terminator": Wow! I love the design, but I am also tired of the old Su-27 shape... Maybe I'll start with T-50 first.

    KC-135 Stratotanker?: I don't know the exact name... This one's gonna be original, and there's gonna be 2 of them built. 1 of them is gonna link up with F-22! Great!

    Sukhoi T-50: This'un's also gonna be an original one. It's gonna be a challenge. I don't have the exact blueprints and there are like 3 variations... darn it!

    USS Nimitz: Thanks to sergiotang... I finally got a model of Nimitz! It's in 1:700 scale, but I'm gonna bump it up to 1:70. the cut-out is 2-D... so... OMG! I'm gonna need 100 times more paper? Whoa...

    Well, that's about it. I will leave USS Nimitz alone for now... because I really have to think outside of my mind to make Nimitz with an incredibly huge slab of paper, if not a cardboard box from a TV.

    Saying hello to you guys again,
    Ben P:wave:

    P.S. I will post a pic of F-22 half done if you guys want me to.
    Let me know ^o^
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    I'm waiting to see your Suchoi T-50 :mrgreen::mrgreen: